Can you do cricket betting online in India?

Cricket Betting Online legal in India Cricket Betting Online legal in India

The Indian betting industry needs proper regulation. The old approach of banning casinos and sports betting is not working. Indians are fans of games of luck and the drop in economic growth is causing more people to delve into IPL betting online.

Cricket betting online makes it more difficult to stop people to bet on cricket. This is because Indians can easily log in to their cricket bookie via their cricket betting apps. It is that easy to get access to premium free cricket betting services from cricket bookies overseas.

Is Cricket Betting Online Legal in India?

For the sake of clarity, there is no federal law stopping Indians from engaging in online betting (and this includes online cricket betting session). The federal law does not permit the ownership, operation or engagement of betting activities on Indian soil. Most cricket bookies are operating outside Indian soil. They operate via servers that are situated outside Indian soil. These servers can, however, be accessed by Indian players. The only hindrance to playing cricket betting online in India is when the state imposes further sanctions in addition to the federal bans.

However, most states have better issues to worry about or are either too lazy to impose further sanctions. They cannot also go about checking people 's phones to see if they have a cricket online betting app installed. They mostly work with banks to stop transfers to platforms that allow cricket bet. To answer the question, yes, you can do cricket betting online in India.

How do you do cricket betting online?

To start cricket betting online, you need an online cricket bookie first. It is important to opt for a cricket bookie that is registered with the Malta Gaming Authority or the MGA. This body regulates all gaming and gambling services providers to ensure fairness. Playing cricket betting at a cricket bookie that does not have a MGA certification is risky. There is a high chance that such a cricket bookie is a fraudulent one.

You do not need to be a cricket betting pro to play cricket betting. Here are some tips to guide you on how to bet on cricket.

Register at a Cricket Bookie

This is very simple. As stated earlier, just ensure the cricket bookie has a license to operate. You can visit the website or use the cricket online betting apps. Register and fill in the necessary information. Considering the amount of information you will be entrusting the cricket bookie with, it is in your interest to ensure they are legit.

Fund Your Account

While registering an account with a cricket bookie, you will be required to input your financial detail. Such information may include bank account or credit card data. This information will help increase the speed at which you can fund or withdraw money from your account. With your bet account linked to your bank account, you can easily fund your betting wallet.

As I stated earlier, the government may restrict bank transfer in its bid to curb cricket betting. To this effect, you may need to have a digital wallet like Skrill, PayPal, Payonner, Neteller and the likes. You can easily credit your bet wallet with Indian rupees. The cricket bookie will do the conversion and tell you the amount of dollars to transfer in order to get its equivalent in Indian rupees.

Choosing a Market to Stake on

This is where things can get mildly confusing, so do well to pay attention. A market is a betting option open to gamblers. Choosing a market means, you are putting your money that the particular option will be the outcome of the game or tournament. Besides the market, the bet rate or market rate is also another feature to consider. Below are some popular cricket betting:

  • Match Winner

This market allows you to predict the winner of the cricket game. If your team wins, you win. If your team draws or loses, you lose.

  • Top Batsman

This market allows you to wager on the player that will make the most runs in a cricket game.

  • Live Cricket Betting

This one can be a bit tricky. Wagering on live cricket game implies that you are predicting the outcome of the remainder of the game. If you predict that a team will win in a live cricket game, it means the team you wager has to outscore the opposing team for the remainder of the game. If the scoreline remains the same, it implies that the game ended in a draw. Visit Cricbuzz to get more information. On a live cricket betting session.

  • Top Bowler

This market involves staking on a player to make the most wickets. Anyone else makes the most wickets besides your selected player, and you 'll lose the bet.

  • Draw No Bet

This market helps increases your chances of winning by eliminating the "draw" feature. You can bet on either of the teams to win. If the team you bet on wins, you win. If the team loses, you lose. But when the game ends in a draw, your money is returned to you.

  • To Win The Toss

This is a very quick way to win or lose. The outcome of this bet is determined at the start of the match. This market allows you to gamble on which team 's captain will win the toss of the coin.

  • First Ball

This is also another quick market where players can win before the end of the match. It allows gamblers to bet on the outcome of the first ball. Will it be a dot ball, single, two runs, three runs, four, six, wide, bye or leg bye, wicket or no ball.

  • Man of The Match

Betting on this market means you will have to wait till the end of the game. It involves betting on the player you predict to be the man of the match for the said cricket game. It can be a batsman, bowler or a fielder with the most outstanding performance. The options are not limited like the batsman or bowler options.

Don 't Forget to Cash Out on Your Winnings

After scrutinizing the chances of market yielding results to bet online and winning, what is left is to cash in on your winnings. Most cricket betting sites only allow users to withdraw their winnings via the same platforms they used for registration and crediting their online wallets.

This is to ensure that a third party does not steal the winnings of gamblers. It also helps to ensure that scammers do not use betting sites as a front for moving stolen money.