Video Poker – An exciting and easy game with big returns

A typical view of a video poker machine A typical view of a video poker machine

A slight change to the likes of free online games, blackjack and slots is the exciting world of video poker. Originating from a machine called Skill Draw, which was created in 1901 by a gentleman named Charles Fey. The original game was nothing but luck. It consisted of 5 reels and gave the player no holds or re-draws, you simply had to use the cards you were dealt the first time around. Video poker used this concept and added new features to it that introduced a level of skill to the game. Free video poker has been around for a long time and by using the free video poker games, you can learn the game inside out.

As casino games go, free video poker may probably the most second popular casino game around

As soon as the technology was available in the early 1970’s, video poker slot machines were created and became an instant hit. Millions of people play video poker every day. With the introduction of the internet came video poker trainer systems. These would allow you to play the game normally but with every draw, you would be given hints as to what cards to hold, what the odds would be depending on which cards were held and what your return would be. The free video poker games have used the trainer platforms and gone even further in depth with it.

Even using video poker free, you have the options of entering tournaments and winning big money

A lot of players don’t want to risk their cash with betting but enjoy the game so that is why there are more video poker free online venues offering regular tournaments where you can still win big rewards while not being able to lose anything. Free online video poker is a tactical game and the video poker free options are the perfect place to learn your tactics. If you are going on video poker machines for the first time, then video poker games free can be the best place to start. As with anything in life, you wouldn’t try something for the first time and expect to be a master at it and this is no different so any free options that you can try out will only benefit you further in the future.

As technology improves, so does free video poker games and the platforms they are made available on

When you look at how slots have come on since the online version first appeared, video poker games haven’t changed much. They are portrayed in a very retro style and that is part of the charm. There are different variants that add extra features or different game play into it, so the technology is improving online video poker, at the same time, fans of video poker online use it because they like the format and enjoy the old school feel about it. Playing is the main pull, no flashy features or anything like that, they don’t want the graphics to be better or a new experience, they have come to video poker because they know what to expect.

The rules to video poker games are easy to pick up and over time, simple to master perfectly

You are playing with five reels. The lowest hand you can win cash on is jacks or better which is a pair of jacks. Any pair lower than jacks gives you no return. After that, you want a two pair, this doesn’t have a limit on it, just two pairs of any number. The next winning hand is three of a kind. Again, simple enough, three of the same number card. The next hand you want to go for is a straight. This is any sequence of numbers in a row, the suit of the cards does not matter on this hand. Next comes a flush, the numbers on the card don’t matter, it’s just 5 cards of the same suit. A full house comes next, a full house is a hand that includes one pair and one 3 of a kind. Four of a kind is the next hand, very self-explanatory. The penultimate hand is a straight flush, so a run of numbers in the same order, all of the same suit. The best possible hand you can get in a standard game, the Royal Flush which is 10, up to, ace, all of the same suit.

The rules above may sound quite complicated at first, this is why you use video poker games free to learn

There is a strategy to learn to help you know which cards to hold, how to bet etc. Your winning hand determines the payout so obviously a royal flush has much higher odds than a two pair. That is the jackpot hand. There are some variations that use a joker as well as a wild card, allowing a five of a kind to become available. Each site will have the classic but some additional games where the rules change slightly, there is always help available if you are unsure. There are many different combinations that can be used to get your hand, some tables may use more than one deck also, so the free games give you a good chance to perfect your game. Choose a game that you have fun with and keep an eye out for any special offers along the way.

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