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The game of roulette is one of the most interesting games a casino has to offer. But with the gambling laws in India, indulging in one can be a bit worrisome. Our guide to playing roulette in a casino online in India is everything you need to put your mind at rest and help you enjoy the game!

Gambling online in India

Whenever we talk about gambling online in India, people are confused. In fact, the confusion extends to offline games. And this is simply because of the country's gambling laws, among other things, state that betting on games of skill is allowed, however, betting on games of chance is not. Differentiating between the two is hard, which is why you may be confused on whether to play an online roulette game or even visit roulettes casino online.

Is it legal to play roulette online in India?

For now, the issue of playing at an online casino is not under any judicial framework. There are calls to regulate it , but these demands are geared towards improving the industry, not stifling it.

What this means is that, currently, online gaming like roulette games are totally acceptable in India. No one will arrest you for visiting online roulette sites, talk less of playing a game.

What is a roulette game?

A roulette game is a popular feature in casinos because it is a simple game that gives off so much excitement. It is a spinning wheel that a dealer drops a small white ball into. Before the ball makes its stop into one of the numbered slots on the wheel, you have the chance to bet on where you think the ball is going to land. If you get it right, you win!

Up until recently, you could only play roulette in a physical casino. Now, with growing technology, this high action game can be played online wherever you are. Take for example this version of European Roulette offered by Play n GO.

Why you should play online casino roulette in India?

There are so many advantages you will enjoy if you play roulette online India, but here are just a few :

Playing a roulette game online makes it easier for you to reach the table and see everything clearly

In a physical casino, the roulette game table will always have many players, and many times, you will find that you have to struggle to go around these people. In an online casino, however, it is just you, the screen and your mouse. You can see clearly and therefore, make better decisions.

Getting a table is easier

If it is a busy night, you might have to wait awhile to get a seat at the table of a physical casino. In an online roulette casino, this does not happen. Technology allows online casinos to create as many tables as possible, eliminating long wait times even if there is a high volume of players.

Playing online allows you to play at your own pace

Again, you are not dealing with a physical person or persons. Therefore, the only pressure you'll experience playing roulette online will come from you.

Online roulette India is easier overall

Here, there is no confusion on whether it is legal or not according to Indian gambling laws. No long commutes to and fro the casino. No wondering where to drop the kids while you go to your game. Wherever you are, you can enjoy the exciting game of roulette without complications.

Understanding online roulette real money India

Like any other physical establishment, there are some factors brick-and-mortar casinos would have to consider before they determine how much they can give you in rewards and bonuses. There is the cost of the building (if it is rented) and the cost of maintenance. There is also the cost of staff and other overhead costs needed to keep the physical business going.

Online gambling India casinos don't have this problem. Since overhead costs are greatly reduced due to the elimination of the factors expressed previously, they can easily offer competitive and higher bonuses and rewards. Some even throw in additional juicy offers to sweeten the deal!

Of course, this largesse extends to playing roulette online, so yes, you can make real money from gambling online India playing on roulette sites.

Where can I find the best online roulette websites in India?

Finding the best roulette casino online is quite easy. Just make sure you adhere to and answer the following general rules and questions.

Find out if the casino accepts Indian players

Some casinos are restricted to certain countries, and it would be a great injustice to play and win, then find out that you are ineligible to partake in the first place! The first step to choosing the best roulette casino is to confirm if it accepts and pays Indian players.

Verify the site's reputation by reading external reviews

On-site reviews may be sponsored or bought. Find out if the online casino you are about to place a bet on is legit by visiting independent, external review sites. Also, be wary of sites that offer only positive, glowing reviews: they may have been paid too.

Find out if it has a license and the country that issued it

Online casinos are still casinos. As such, the same rules that govern the business offline apply to them. They should have an operating license. If not, you should avoid them as it will be difficult to hold them accountable when there is a dispute in the future.

What is the average revenue of the casino?

You want to be sure that they are able to pay you if you win big to avoid disagreements that may lead to you forfeiting your funds.

What are the rewards and bonuses?

Confirm what these are first and if they have any special terms attached to them. Then compare to other gambling websites.

What are the deposit and withdrawal options, as well as the fees?

Knowing this will help you keep track of your earnings.

Does the site have good support in your preferred language?

There is no point in going with a site whose language you do not understand.

Now, with that said, here is a list of the top 10 sites where you can play the best online roulette in India.

  1. Dafabet
  2. Genesis
  3. Betway casino
  4. Come on!
  5. Royal Panda
  6. Jackpot city
  7. Cadabrus
  8. 22 Bet
  9. Leovegas
  10. Casoola

Finally, remember this: enjoying a casino roulette game is perfectly legal in India, and the convenience of playing online will make your roulette casino pays as interesting as it is meant to be. To make sure you cash out and receive your winnings, follow our guide above or just go with the list we have outlined for you.

Here's to great wins!